At Envy My Couture we value and respect our customers privacy, Any information collected from you when you visit our site, sign up to receive the latest deals & news by email and any information provided when you place an order or make a purchase at our site will never be shared or sold to third parities for marketing . 

Envy My Couture may store information for the following reasons: 

Information from you, such as your birthday, gender, information about your preferences or interests, demographic information, and credit card billing information.

Email Contact Information
You may sign up to receive periodic emails from us about our products, promotions and services. When you do so, we will ask you to provide your email address. You also may, but are not required to, provide information about you so that we can develop a profile that will allow us to tailor our communications with you.


Purchase Information
If you make a purchase through the Site, we collect your shipping and payment information, such as your credit or debit card number, expiration date and other information necessary to process your payment,  We use this information only to process your purchase. We do not store your credit card billing information unless you are a registered user and you choose to save this information to your account for future purchases.

Order History
When you make purchases from us, we collect and store information about your order history, such as order date, order amount, items purchased, payment method, shipping information.